8/31/09 Photos of The Day

My daughter Autumn and grandbaby Leah came over Sunday and of course I had to take a few shots :) Leah is almost 6 months old...can't believe it!

8/30/09 Photos of The Day

Just a few headshots I took of a friend of the family.

8/25/09 Photos of The Day

Just a few photos from our adventure walk on Big Talbot Island. Gotta love the boneyard! So many textures, shapes and swirls :) A photog's heaven!

8/23/09 Photo of The Day

I know I haven't posted in awhile, life has been very busy for me lately. Plus the fact that it has been raining almost every weekend and evening when I get home. I haven't really been out to take photos.
Today was the first beautiful day we have had in awhile. We grabbed our camera bags and took advantage. We just got hom not too long ago but I wanted to share just one photo of a beautiful ending to a beautiful day. Nothing like watching the sun go down with the person you love the most in life:) There will be more photos to come from our adventure tomorrow.

8/15/09 Photos of The Day

The kiddos and i were home bored tonight so we set up the studio and had some fun. We were all 3 laughing so hard!