8/9/09 Photos of The Day

My daughter Autumn came by this morning so I finally got the photos I have been wanting to get for quite awhile...both grandbabies in one picture! I called Ashley & had her bring Sarah over.I set the studio up in the living room this morning by myself and it was my first time to set up a complete studio. The photos I took of Autumn & Leah were taken first and the lighting was too bright so I had to work on the photos quite a bit. I was taking a friends advice and focusing less on the technical stuff and gettting back to what originally made me love photography. I love capturing moments! Sometimes your close friends have to help you to see things. When my husband finally woke up this morning he helped me with all the settings so when I took the photos of all 4 the lighting was muchhhh better.I will be so happy when I know this stuff and can do all the technical stuff on my own. Until then I am going back to enjoying photography again.I still have more photos to go through and work on but I figured i would post a few :)

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