2/27/09 Photos of The Day

Its late and I remembered I haven't posted a photo today. Never fear...there are always plenty of Sarah photos to go around :) These are some more shots of my grandbaby I took the other day. See that beautiful face? Thats my heart right there. I love that little spoiled brat...lol

2/26/09 Photo of The Day

My Husband and I went down to watch the sunset this afternoon in St Mary's, GA when I got off of work. These are just a few of the photos I took. My Sony a300 is still in the shop so I took these with my Fuji S8000, the quality isn't as great as I wanted it to be. I will be getting my Sony back sometime next week and I cannot wait!! My Husband is working this weekend so I will be using his camera and going out shooting. It felt so good to get out and shoot today!!

2/25/09 Photo of The Day

I know these are odd photos but I was experimenting with my new lens. I am in love!! Its a Minolta 50mm AF lens. I am going to have some fun with this lens when spring gets here :) The lighting wasn't so great in my living room so they aren't the greatest...sorry

ABC Wednesday - "F" is for Furry Feline Friends

6 Furry Feline Friends. They bring much joy into our lives and are very spoiled.

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2/23/09 Photos of The Day

This is my favorite spot to go for a nice relaxing sunset. In St Mary's, GA on the river. The atmosphere there is so relaxing and in my opinion one of the best views for watching the sunset I've seen on the east coast so far. You can sit on the swings by the water or you can go walk out onto the docks and have a seat to watch the sunset.
Sometimes when I have had a really bad day at work I will take off down there and catch it. There is such a relaxing feeling that comes over me to watch the sunset here. I just figured I would share.

2/22/09 Photos of The Day

Today I am sharing some of the many photos I have of downtown Jacksonville, FL. The St Johns River runs through downtown Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the city of 7 bridges because you cannot get from one side of town to the other without crossing a bridge. There is lots of entertainment downtown at the Jacksonville Landing. I will post more photos tomorrow.

2/21/09 Photos of The Day

When we visited St Augustine in December we took a tour of the San Sebastian Winery. We enjoyed wine tasting, local art, & great music. Always a great place to visit if you ever decide to go to the area.

2/20/09 Photo of The Day

This photo was taken on our drive to St Augustine in December to have lunch with my friend Monica. I had so many plans to take photos and venture around while we were there but the weather was bad and we had to head home. I did manage to talk everyone to going to the fort so I could just get a few photos. This photo was taken over the wall of the fort.

This last one is of my Husband and my step children patiently awaiting me to get done so we could get out of the cold wind...lol

2/19/09 Photo of The Day

What is this? Well I will show you the bigger picture...lol

I just loved the detail. This was one of the churches we ventured through on the historic church tour back in December. I am a big fan of history so it was nice to see that we have so much of that in Jacksonville, FL the city where I was born and raised. There were 16 churches in total that were built in the 1800's that are still in great condition and being used in Jacksonville. All are located in the downtown area. I was in heaven and my camera was clicking away. I took over 500 photos that day. I don't think I have ever taken that many photos in one day!
After posting the Theme Thursday - Library blog it reminded me that I could share some of the beauty I found while wandering through these historic buildings. The Library sponsors the Historic Church Tour every year.

Theme Thursday - Library

This is our main downtown library in Jacksonville, FL. There are libraries all over town because Jacksonville is a pretty big city, but the one downtown is the beautiful library.

We visited the Library in December when they sponsored the historical church tour. They had so many Christams trees where each was decorated by different local businesses. I will eventually make it down there again. We had a blast that weekend!

This last photo didn't turn out so great but it gives you an idea of how huge the library really is on the inside. The lighting in the library...my old camera didn't like it.
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