6/28/09 Photos of The Day

We went to Jacksonville Beach, FL this morning to watch the sunrise. Here are a few shots to share. Hope you all had a great weekend...I know we did!

6/27/09 Photo of The Day

Just some Jacksonville, FL nightlife. My Hubby and i went downtown last night to try some night shots and we had a blast :)

6/26/09 Photos of The Day

My Pookie had his own special birthday plans for me. One of our favorite restaurants is Buca De Beppo's. My Pookie made special reservations for us to sit at the kitchen table. This is a special booth that is actually in the kitchen where you get to be in the middle of all the action. What a special birthday :) They let you sample the foods and treat you like royalty. I had no idea that Brian had told them it was my birthday. I am the kind of person that doesn't like a bunch of attention on me in public. I was not happy at first but the way they did it made you feel so special. Everyone in the kitchen stopped to sing happy birthday to you. The cooks were clanging in the kitchen and the lights were flickering on and off and all the wait staff were singing. My Pookie did good :) I will never forget my 40th birthday!

6/25/09 Photos of The Day

These photos mean a lot to me. They tell a story with a happy ending. These are my step-kids Brannon & Mara. Their mother is here visiting them for the first time in a long time. She has been through a lot with a drug addiction and is now on the road to recovery for 2 years now. These kids need her and she needs them. It has been so heart warming watching them get to know each other again. I am proud of her and will be her biggest cheerleader. She has much to be clean for. She has some beautiful amazing kiddos!

6/24/09 Photos of The Day

Today was my big 4-0 birthday. I fought it with every inch of strength I had...lol I so didn't want to turn 40!
I told my girls at work not to make a huge deal out of it, and what did they do? Yep...you got it, they made a huge deal! I felt really special and it made me smile. I guess being 40 isn't so bad after all.
I didn't take the photos of course...my friend Mariluz did and she did such a wonderful job :)

7/22/09 Photos of The Day

This is the other side of my daughters family...the Quinns. Their father and cousin and grandparents. They were all there in supporting Autumn in her baptism of Leah. These are some good folk. I wanted them to have a few photographs with the group together. I know myself how hard it is to get the group together.

7/21/09 Photos of The Day

My Grandbaby Leah Marie was baptized yesterday. I got to stand proud with my daughters and their family as we stood and confessed that we would all have our part in raising her and helping her onto the adventure of life.
I am proud of my daughter Autumn for doing what's right by Leah. She works her butt off to support Leah and to be the best mom she can be. Its not easy being a single mom...I know!
The photos didn't all turn out so well in the church because the lighting was so dark but the memory is still there.