12/31/08 Photo of The Day

I saw the reflection on the windows of a building in downtown Jacksonville, FL and I couldn't resist to run up the stairs and take a photo. Moments after I was done a security guard came out to see what I was doing. I just smiled and had him look at the reflection. I have always had this thing for reflection photos.

The whole reason I posted a reflection photo is because this is the last day of this year and many people will be reflecting on this year today. I hope everyone is safe and has a wonderful New Years!! It has to get better in 2009!!

12/30/08 Photo of The Day

My friend Rita came to visit me from Texas. She stayed for a couple of days before we headed for Savannah to meet up with the group to do a photography tour. While she was here I took her to see some of my favorite places. This is one of them! My favorite place for a beautiful sunrise...Fernandina Beach, FL. She never lets me down!

12/27/08 Photo of The Day

We have been in The Blue Ridge Mountains since Christmas and this was a photo I took of my son Anthony. He was feeling like King of the World up that high. I thought the photo turned out really well =) We have had so much fun up here. We head home tomorrow!

12/26/08 Photo of The Day

This is a photo my husband took of me...I love how he caught the sun rays!!

12/25/08 Photo of The Day

This is my son's kitty Valor. He has been living with me since March and we have this great connection. He is such an awesome cat! I got my new camera for Christmas...my first DSLR! I got a Sony A300!!
I hope you all have an awesome day!!

12/24/08 Photo of The Day

Seeing how it's Christmas Eve I decided this photo would be perfect. I took this photo in a Christmas Shoppe on Jeckyll Island this past weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with your family & friends!!

12/23/08 Photo of The Day

I took this photo roaming around downtown Savannah, GA this past weekend. I thought it was messed up but when I really looked at it the movement in the photo was a cool effect.

12/22/08 Photo of The Day

This photo was taken on Jeckyll Island, GA this weekend. This is a Pelican that was resting ever so peacefully.

I was in Savannah, GA all weekend with some fellow photographers adventuring around and seeing the sights. Thats why I haven't been around. I hope you all had a great weekend!!

12/16/08 Photo of The Day

This is a photo taken of my grand daughter Sarah back in October of this year. She is the apple of my eye. I just couldn't resist...I had to share her with you guys =)

12/15/08 Photo of The Day

This is another photo from the Jacksonville Historical Church Tour I went on. I think stained glass windows are beautiful. I could get lost staring at them and all the colors and details.

12/14/08 Photo of The Day

This was a photo taken today in downtown Jacksonville, FL. We decided to get up this morning and go adventuring. We ate at the Jacksonville Landing and then walked it off the rest of the day. If you look close you can see my Husband, Daughter & Son-in law in the photo. We had a wonderful day, The weather was in the 70's!

I know I haven't posted in a couple of days but I have been spending the weekend with my hubby =)

12/13/08 Photo of The Day

This photo is the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Jacksonville, FL. Last weekend I went on a historical church tour and this was one of the churches I toured. I love history and the 6 churches I toured were full of history. Such a fun filled day!!

12/11/08 Photo of The Day

This is Jacksonville, FL downtown Main St bridge at night. I love how the St johns River lights up with all the reflections of the city.

12/10/08 Photo of the Day

This was a photo taken at the Jacksonville Zoo. I thought he was such an adorable turtle =)

12/9/08 Photo of The Day

This photo I took while at the golf course on Kingsbay Naval Base, GA. I have always loved butterflies. My name also means butterfly...Vanessa. I was supposed to be photographing my husband playing golf but I just kept getting distracted by all the beautiful butterflies.

12/7/08 Photo of The Day

This is a photo of downtown Jacksonville, FL. I love to go walking around by the St. John's river, its such a beautiful place.

We spent a day of being a family and seeing the sights. We walked over the Main St bridge and went to the Jacksonville Landing to enjoy live music and have a nice lunch outdoors.

12/5/08 Photo of The Day

This is a photo taken in St. Mary's, GA down at the river. One of the many photos I took of the sunset that day. I just love watching sunrise and sunset! The colors are beautiful!

12/4/08 Photo of the Day

This is a photo I took earlier this year in downtown Fernandina Beach, FL. I loved the history hidden behind the fresh paint on the buildings. This was taken down a side alley. Makes you wonder how many businesses have existed in these buildings over the years?