1/30/09 Photo of The Day

Just a zoo photo of one of my favorite creatures...the giraffe of course!!

1/29/09 Photos of The Day

Just some great bird photos I captured this last weekend. I love birds and have had the hardest time learning the settings and technique to get a decent photograph of flying birds or just flapping their wings. I was ever so proud of these!!

1/28/09 Photo of The Day

This was my first attempt at creating and HDR photo (High Dynamic Range) . Its something I came across that I find interesting. You use 3 or more of the same photos with different ranges of contrast. Here is the original photo...

By the way...this photo was taken on Jeckyll Island.

1/27/08 Photo of the Day

This is Fort Clinch on Amelia Island, FL. I toured the fort for the first time this weekend. So much to see and learn about. I really want to go back when I have more time and take the kiddos.

1/26/09 Photo of The Day

My photography buddies...Kimmie & Gary. They came down for the weekend and we went shooting on Jeckyll Island. I am sad that they left this morning. I didn't want this fun weekend to end!

1/25/09 Photo of The Day

I have some of my photographer friends visiting me for the weekend and we made a trip to Jeckyll Island so I could show them around one of my favorite beautiful places. It sprinkled yesterday and it was a beautiful day with weather in the 70's. We went to the country club on the island and walked around taking some photo's and wandered into the garden. I love how you can see the water drops on the pedals of these Poppy's...makes it a nice macro photo =)

1/23/08 Photo of The Day

Ice anyone? We have been in the 20's here for the past few nights. We turned the sprinkler on all night to make an ice sculpture. I had to take some photos :)

1/20/09 Photo of The Day

Today I snuck in 2 photos! We went to Fernandina Beach on Sunday and went down to the water. We saw all these pelicans sitting on a dock so I went over to take some photos. I was fascinated by how close the pelicans were letting me get to them. I had a great time photographing them. I think they were curious about me too. I think Pelicans are such unique birds!

1/19/09 Photo of The Day

This is my step-daughter Mara, isn't she beautiful? We went out taking some photos yesterday in Fernandina Beach, FL. She has started doing photography with me and she seems to like it. I finally found something her and I can share!

1/18/09 Photo of The Day

I uploaded Picassa 3 and I have never used this before. I made this collage of my grandbaby Sarah Bird. She is the Apple of my eye =) I took these photos when we went to the Jacksonville Zoo last weekend. She just loves having her photo taken!

1/17/08 Photo of The Day

This was taken at the Sugar Mill Ruins in St Mary's, GA. The walls are made out of coquina a mix they made with shells. Has a unique look to it. I saw this design and the middle almost looks like an eye. We all love going here and wandering through the place.

1/16/09 Photo of The Day

Was driving to St Mary's, GA on Thanksgiving and pulled over to get this photo. I loved the reflections of the clouds in the water!

1/15/09 Photo of The Day

I think they are conspiring about something...lol Just another photo from the zoo this past weekend.

1/14/09 Photo of The Day

I think this is some sort of Dogwood tree. I saw it in the gardens at the Jacksonville Zoo this past weekend.

1/13/09 Photo of The Day

My little froggy friend I saw at the Jacksonville Zoo. Ain't he just so cute?

1/10/09 Photo of The Day

Just thought the full moon was beautiful this evening so I thought I would share

1/9/09 Photo of The Day

Such a pretty swan! Hubby and I made a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo together in December. I had a great time adventuring around and taking photos with my husband.

1/7/09 Photo of The Day

This is a photo taken on my trip to Savannah, GA back in Sept 08. We visited Fort Pulaski right off Tybee Island. Such a beautiful place full of history!

1/6/09 Photo of The Day

This was an old barn I stumbled upon when we were on our way up to Chimey Rock in Ashville, NC.

1/5/09 Photo of The Day

This hallway seemed to keep going and going, Saw this while in St Augustine and had to take a photo as I was walking by.

1/4/09 Photo of The Day

This was the ceiling of the pavillion on Tybee Island. I just liked how it looked with all the lines like a star.

1/3/09 Photo of The Day

This was a photo taken on my visit to Savannah, GA back in Sept. We made a trip out to Tybee Island. We actually went to the top of this lighthouse. Such a glorious view!

1/02/09 Photo of The Day

This is another photo from the sunrise on Fernandina Beach. I am wishing I was there this morning =)

1/01/09 Photo of The Day

This was my view from the top of Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC. We made a trip there for Christmas this year to adventure around. I had some awesome scenery there.