8/30/09 Photos of The Day

Just a few headshots I took of a friend of the family.


Bruce W said...

This is my adopted son in whom i am well pleased. I feel like i have known him all my life. I am very proud of him overcomming all the ods that were against him and going to bible school. He has much potential and Rodney will be proud also. I have seen him in action. What a witness for the Lord. I am proud of being a part of your life. You have been an inspiration to Carol and I.... Bruce Williams

Bruce W said...

I am proud of Kenny and what he has accomplished with all the odds against him. He is our adopted son in whom we are well pleased. He is a great witness for the lord and will acomplish much for the kingdom of God. Much luck in bible school and i am glad we could be a part of your life. Bruce Williams