1/25/09 Photo of The Day

I have some of my photographer friends visiting me for the weekend and we made a trip to Jeckyll Island so I could show them around one of my favorite beautiful places. It sprinkled yesterday and it was a beautiful day with weather in the 70's. We went to the country club on the island and walked around taking some photo's and wandered into the garden. I love how you can see the water drops on the pedals of these Poppy's...makes it a nice macro photo =)


Angie said...

Great picture. It would look really nice blown up and put on the wall. My brother did that with a picture that he took of the sunset in Maui, and it looks great hanging on his living room wall.

nessabates said...

I have been hanging a few of my photos at a local beauty salon in an attempt to see how people react to my photograpy. This was one of the photos I chose. It actually does look great blown up. Thank you for the compliment :)