5/17/09 Photos of The Day

Today was like the most fun I have had in a while with my Husband. We headed to St Augustine to the Alligator Farm and adventured through their bird rookery. The birds freely come there to lay their eggs and raise their young in the trees over the alligator exhibit. The alligators below protect the birds from small predators. The only downfall I saw was when a baby bird fell from the nest the alligators eat them. There were thousands of birds there!! There were also photographers everywhere. It was such fun to see all the babies and the beautiful birds.
After we were done with the birds we ventured through the alligator farm. It was a zoo basically, there were lots of different animals. I have plenty of photos to drive you guys crazy with :)
When we left there we came across Ft Mose. We adventured around there and did some bird watching there too.
We decided to head to the World Golf Village and go to the IMAX theater to see Star Trek. I have to say that was a really great movie!!
While we waited to see the movie there was a fundraiser for the Save The Ta-Ta's foundation and they were having an antique motorcycle competition. We walked around for awhile looking at bikes and taking photos. I told my husband that he should feel like he is in heaven because he has his 3 favs in one place...photography, motorcylces & golf!! lol Not in any certain order.
It was just a day full of fun and adventure!


Lavender said...

WHOA! What great shots! Well done, and I look forwward to seeing more as time allows you - what a treat to be there at such a great time, Cheers!

Patty said...

The bird photos are awesome. Perfect exposure.

So sad about the babies being eaten by the gators.