3/7/09 Photos of The Day

http://www.cattyshack.org/ We visited the Catty Shack last night. This was a house in the middle of nowhere that has 32 big cats. We saw Lions, Leopards, Siberian Tigers, Panthers....so many to mention. They even had a snow fox.
We had an amazing time! Photographing was a little frustrating with 2 layers of fence in the way but once they started feeding the big cats I understood why! It was amazing to be so close to these cats and to see so many in someone's backyard. They are community supported and charge for these viewings but it goes towards feeding this huge cats...and boy do they eat ALOT!!


Baruch said...

Just love the cat family - the mountain lion has such a beautiful face!

Ken Conger Photography said...

Looks like they have a variety of critter. Often feel bad for these caged guys. Blue Skies.

nessabates said...

All of the cats have been rescued so they can't be released into the wild because they might not survive when they are used to being fed by humans. I kinda felt bad for them too but I was grateful they were rescued.