2/19/09 Photo of The Day

What is this? Well I will show you the bigger picture...lol

I just loved the detail. This was one of the churches we ventured through on the historic church tour back in December. I am a big fan of history so it was nice to see that we have so much of that in Jacksonville, FL the city where I was born and raised. There were 16 churches in total that were built in the 1800's that are still in great condition and being used in Jacksonville. All are located in the downtown area. I was in heaven and my camera was clicking away. I took over 500 photos that day. I don't think I have ever taken that many photos in one day!
After posting the Theme Thursday - Library blog it reminded me that I could share some of the beauty I found while wandering through these historic buildings. The Library sponsors the Historic Church Tour every year.


luckebabe said...

love the older churches. we have many here in Grand Rapids also. love the detail. great job!

willow said...


RuneE said...

Richly decorated historic buildings are a heaven for photographers.